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Amy Jones

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I am a mother, wife, youth coordinator, volunteer, hard worker, and firm believer in love others they way Jesus loved us!

I first heard of Noonday when a friend's cousin was hosting an adoption fundraiser. Being in the middle of the adoption process myself (and let's be honest...a lover of all things jewelry) I wanted to attend. I loved the fun, original pieces, and was instantly a fan! AND the fact that I was helping a fellow adoptive family bring their son home, made it a win/win for me. About a year later, my sister-in-law said she was hosting a Noonday trunk show, and asked if I had ever heard of it. Ummm, yes! Amazing! I was so excited to tell her all about it! She was kind enough to ask if her party could serve as an adoption fundraiser for us. Such a gift! Well, at that party I talked the ambassador's ear off! I was so touched by her passion for this company. It was not until that time that I realized the impact Noonday has on their artisan partners. The global significance of fair trade, and the mission of the company to provide stable, dignified work for those in countries and situations that would otherwise never receive the opportunity, resonated with me. It was so much more than a fundraiser just for ME....more than an opportunity to help ONE person or family...Noonday was changing HUNDREDS of lives around the world (and again, providing some AWESOME jewelry!!) I was completely head over heals hooked, and continued to order pieces from our ambassador over the next year. Finally, I asked if I could host a trunk show. I mean, I loved the pieces, talked about the company all the time, and ordered enough for a small army to be decked out, so why not!? Plus, we were able to host as another adoption fundraiser for our family. Our ambassador, and now friend, was wonderful...again! She simply radiates Noonday. I kept thinking that I not only wanted to WEAR Noonday pieces, but that I wanted to BE a piece of Noonday! But, I'll be honest, I was scared and didn't think I could do it. I kept telling myself that I was NOT an extrovert, so I didn't have the right personality. That "selling" stuff was not, nor has ever been, part of my skill set, so how would I convince others to buy anything. The excuses kept playing over and over in my head, but finally, after explaining Noonday to a friend who couldn't make my trunk show, she told me I should sell it. I told her my reservations, and she said that I may not think I have the personality, but I have the passion, and that is way more important! I know first hand how amazing Noonday is. I have benefited - twice - from their generosity and commitment to building "forever" families. And as a Christian woman, I feel so empowered knowing that I am trying to make a difference in the lives of others. So, that's my story! I've ignored my excuses and jumped in with both feet! I am so excited to continue my journey with Noonday and join others on theirs!

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